Did you know... According to the rules of the original game, a match stated with the ball being tossed up between the teams by a hapless referee. The upshot of this was usually a dead referee, of course, so the practice was stopped and a kick-off used instead. Now, at least, the referee can stay out of the way and not get flattened!

- Gorgoroth Giants
- Rivendell Raiders
- Dagorlad Rodents
- Huor Calaelen
- Tlaxtlan Tigers
- Lothlórien Leaves
- Green Jersey

Played matches: 18Won: 15Lost: 3
Won pct: 83Lost pct: 17
TD: 71 / 30 TD Rate: 2.37 TD pr match: 3.94
Cas: 19 / 26 Cas Rate: 0.73 Cas pr match: 1.06
Block: 8Dodge: 4Mighty Blow: 1
Leap: 1Tackle: 1Guard: 1
2Thrower707337Pass, Sure HandsGPASM
4Gutter Runner809247DodgeGASPM
1Rat Ogre1606528Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild AnimalSGAPM

Dagorlad Rodents

Race: Skaven
Coached by: Christian
 1 Rotikch ¬'Sure hands¬' Fester Thrower7337Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Big Hand          16 120 
 2 Skweeky ¬'Roar¬' Fart Rat Ogre6528Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal, Guard            11 150 
 3 Rotic Wart the 2nd Blitzer7338Block              90 
 4 Thrislik ¬'Claw¬' Expectorus Blitzer7348Block, Horns, Tackle, +1AG       10    31 180 
 5 Plagritt Skydd Gutter Runner9247Dodge, Block            11 100 
 6 Boilritt Carbunc Gutter Runner10247Dodge, Block, +1MA, Sprint          35 150 
 7 Skrikch ¬'Gump¬' Stain Gutter Runner10247Dodge, Block, +1MA, Sprint, Sure Feet, Two Heads   31        110 200 
 8 Infectitch ¬'Boosted¬' Tumour Gutter Runner10357Dodge, Block, +1MA, +1AG, +1ST, Leap NIG  26        84 210 
 9 Contagikch Puss Lineman7337              50 
 10 Buboneek Contagious Lineman7337              50 
 11 Pestilitch Decre Lineman7337              50 
 12 Skrecay ¬'Kicker¬' Cyst Lineman7337Block, Kick        21 90 
 13 Bubonigen Canker Lineman7337              50 
 14 Sciven Stabb Lineman7337              50 
 15 Obsciven Scuttle Lineman7337Block            70 
 16 Womid Pucke Lineman7337              50 
Team:Dagorlad Rodents RE-ROLLS:5 x 60 kgp =300 kgp
Race:Skaven FAN FACTOR:11 x 10 kgp =110 kgp
Team value:2160 ASSISTANT COACHES:4 x 10 kgp =40 kgp
Treasury:30 kgp CHEERLEADERS:0 x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Coach:Christian APOTHECARY:1 x 50 kgp =50 kgp
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DateMatch TypeGateHome TeamHome TDHome CasHome Winnings Away TeamAway TDAway CasAway Winnings
2013-08-06Friendly35000Dagorlad Rodents 4150000Crooked Tooth Boyz 0240000e
2006-06-24Friendly63000Dagorlad Rodents 4320000Crooked Tooth Boyz 1340000e
2006-01-12League 2nd season - 2nd division108000Dagorlad Rodents 1075000Hell Hole Creepers 2280000e
2005-11-24League 2nd season - 2nd division64000Dagorlad Rodents 5330000Valhalla Fenris Wolfs 2050000e
2005-11-17League 2nd season - 2nd division63000Dagorlad Rodents 8360000The Mean LawnMachines 0160000e
2005-10-30League 2nd season - 2nd division70000Dagorlad Rodents 3060000The Fleshrippers 1140000e
2005-10-27League 2nd season - 2nd division47000Dagorlad Rodents 5130000Iron Leaves 3240000e
2005-10-22League 2nd season - 2nd division75000Dagorlad Rodents 4160000Mortos Soulstealers 1160000e
2005-10-20League 2nd season - 2nd division65000Dagorlad Rodents 4170000Valhalla Fenris Wolfs 0240000e
2005-10-17League 2nd season - 2nd division56000Dagorlad Rodents 5150000Memnochs testimonial 3060000e
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