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Did you know... The resulting World's Edge Superleague is a Dwarfs-only League, now trimmed to 12 second-rate teams playing a 22-match season. Curiously, the throwing game dominates! Those World's Edge fans just love to see the ball hanging up there while 22 players scramble for the honor of being the one it lands on!

- Gorgoroth Giants
- Rivendell Raiders
- Dagorlad Rodents
- Huor Calaelen
- Tlaxtlan Tigers
- Lothlórien Leaves
- Green Jersey

Played matches: 18Won: 15Lost: 3
Won pct: 83Lost pct: 17
TD: 71 / 30 TD Rate: 2.37 TD pr match: 3.94
Cas: 19 / 26 Cas Rate: 0.73 Cas pr match: 1.06
Block: 8Dodge: 4Mighty Blow: 1
Leap: 1Tackle: 1Guard: 1
2Thrower707337Pass, Sure HandsGPASM
4Gutter Runner809247DodgeGASPM
1Rat Ogre1606528Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild AnimalSGAPM

Dagorlad Rodents

Race: Skaven
Coached by: Christian
 1 Rotikch ¬'Sure hands¬' Fester Thrower7337Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Big Hand          16 120 
 2 Skweeky ¬'Roar¬' Fart Rat Ogre6528Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal, Guard            11 150 
 3 Rotic Wart the 2nd Blitzer7338Block              90 
 4 Thrislik ¬'Claw¬' Expectorus Blitzer7348Block, Horns, Tackle, +1AG       10    31 180 
 5 Plagritt Skydd Gutter Runner9247Dodge, Block            11 100 
 6 Boilritt Carbunc Gutter Runner10247Dodge, Block, +1MA, Sprint          35 150 
 7 Skrikch ¬'Gump¬' Stain Gutter Runner10247Dodge, Block, +1MA, Sprint, Sure Feet, Two Heads   31        110 200 
 8 Infectitch ¬'Boosted¬' Tumour Gutter Runner10357Dodge, Block, +1MA, +1AG, +1ST, Leap NIG  26        84 210 
 9 Contagikch Puss Lineman7337              50 
 10 Buboneek Contagious Lineman7337              50 
 11 Pestilitch Decre Lineman7337              50 
 12 Skrecay ¬'Kicker¬' Cyst Lineman7337Block, Kick        21 90 
 13 Bubonigen Canker Lineman7337              50 
 14 Sciven Stabb Lineman7337              50 
 15 Obsciven Scuttle Lineman7337Block            70 
 16 Womid Pucke Lineman7337              50 
Team:Dagorlad Rodents RE-ROLLS:5 x 60 kgp =300 kgp
Race:Skaven FAN FACTOR:11 x 10 kgp =110 kgp
Team value:2160 ASSISTANT COACHES:4 x 10 kgp =40 kgp
Treasury:30 kgp CHEERLEADERS:0 x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Coach:Christian APOTHECARY:1 x 50 kgp =50 kgp
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DateMatch TypeGateHome TeamHome TDHome CasHome Winnings Away TeamAway TDAway CasAway Winnings
2013-08-06Friendly35000Dagorlad Rodents 4150000Crooked Tooth Boyz 0240000e
2006-06-24Friendly63000Dagorlad Rodents 4320000Crooked Tooth Boyz 1340000e
2006-01-12League 2nd season - 2nd division108000Dagorlad Rodents 1075000Hell Hole Creepers 2280000e
2005-11-24League 2nd season - 2nd division64000Dagorlad Rodents 5330000Valhalla Fenris Wolfs 2050000e
2005-11-17League 2nd season - 2nd division63000Dagorlad Rodents 8360000The Mean LawnMachines 0160000e
2005-10-30League 2nd season - 2nd division70000Dagorlad Rodents 3060000The Fleshrippers 1140000e
2005-10-27League 2nd season - 2nd division47000Dagorlad Rodents 5130000Iron Leaves 3240000e
2005-10-22League 2nd season - 2nd division75000Dagorlad Rodents 4160000Mortos Soulstealers 1160000e
2005-10-20League 2nd season - 2nd division65000Dagorlad Rodents 4170000Valhalla Fenris Wolfs 0240000e
2005-10-17League 2nd season - 2nd division56000Dagorlad Rodents 5150000Memnochs testimonial 3060000e
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