Did you know... Once in a game against Dark Elf team Naggaroth Throat Cutters, the Skaven team Dargolad Rodents managed to get a 2-0 lead before Naggaroth Throat Cutters had even begun their 2nd turn in the 1st half of the game. This was very much to the dislike of the Elves!

- Crooked Tooth Boyz
- Naggaroth Throat Cutters
- Northland Bearclaws
- Pie Week Forever

Played matches: 32Won: 6Lost: 23
Won pct: 19Lost pct: 72
TD: 49 / 76 TD Rate: 0.64 TD pr match: 1.43
Cas: 55 / 30 Cas Rate: 1.83 Cas pr match: 1.53
Block: 9Dodge: 3Mighty Blow: 4
Leap: 0Tackle: 6Guard: 6
4Goblin406237Right Stuff, Dodge, StuntyAGSP
2Thrower705338Sure Hands, PassGPAS
4Black Orc Blocker804429GSAP
1Troll1104519Loner, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-MateSGAP

Crooked Tooth Boyz

Race: Orc
Coached by: Niels
 1 Shakgrum ┬'Da Nifty┬' Snazragl├║b Blitzer6349Block, Guard, Tackle, Dodge, +1AG, Strip Ball NIG  16      91 190 
 2 Mugkhaz ┬'Touch down┬' Buknamghak Blitzer6339Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Pro, Guard NIG  11      52 140 
 3 Ruzash Khazmonk Blitzer6339Block, Guard, Tackle          21 120 
 4 Gazrish ┬'Hed Hurdz┬' Shugrimgoth Blitzer6338Block, Guard -1AV         10 90 
 5 Harkgnash Blacksnot Black Orc Blocker4429              80 
 6 Nagrash Ruggl├║rkhat Black Orc Blocker4429Block, Tackle            16 120 
 7 Rakghaz ┬'Beat em┬' Ghazghash Black Orc Blocker4429Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow       12    42 140 
 8 Bagglak Gamglorkhad Black Orc Blocker4428Block, Tackle -1AV,            17 90 
 9 Bolbuf ┬'Sure Hands┬' Lumloth Thrower5338Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Hail Mary Pass, Block, Dump-Off   37      57 150 
 10 Dushmol Borgrolrag Thrower5338Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Dump-Off   12          22 110 
 11 Dugrash Ghazgrammub Lineman5339Mighty Blow, Block          17 100 
 12 Uftglar ┬'Da Interceptor┬' Yatg├║mkhaz Lineman5339Guard            12 80 
 13 Khashlag ┬'Da Elf Beater┬' Dumbskull Troll4519Loner, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Break Tackle          25 140 
 14 Lagglobluz ┬'Da Flyer┬' Madlub Goblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty, Diving Catch, Catch, Side Step          40 100 
 15 Drimgrab the Sneak Goblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty                40 
Team:Crooked Tooth Boyz RE-ROLLS:7 x 60 kgp =420 kgp
Race:Orc FAN FACTOR:5 x 10 kgp =50 kgp
Team value:2210 ASSISTANT COACHES:0 x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Treasury:100 kgp CHEERLEADERS:0 x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Coach:Niels APOTHECARY:1 x 50 kgp =50 kgp
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DateMatch TypeGateHome TeamHome TDHome CasHome Winnings Away TeamAway TDAway CasAway Winnings
2013-08-06Friendly35000Crooked Tooth Boyz 0240000Dagorlad Rodents 4150000e
2008-06-05Friendly39000Crooked Tooth Boyz 2140000Rivendell Raiders 300e
2006-06-24Friendly63000Crooked Tooth Boyz 1340000Dagorlad Rodents 4320000e
2006-02-05Friendly93000Crooked Tooth Boyz 2110000Rivendell Raiders 4050000e
2006-01-29Friendly73000Crooked Tooth Boyz 3260000Rivendell Raiders 0040000e
2005-12-23Friendly47000Crooked Tooth Boyz 2810000Gorgoroth Giants 3130000e
2005-11-24League 2nd season - 1st division37000Crooked Tooth Boyz 0330000Stormeye 2140000e
2005-10-04League 2nd season - 1st division81000Crooked Tooth Boyz 1160000Stronghold of Fire. Mountain outpost 49 (Aka SF49) 2120000e
2005-09-15League 2nd season - 1st division49000Crooked Tooth Boyz 1020000Stormeye 1020000e
2005-09-08League 2nd season - 1st division43000Crooked Tooth Boyz 1040000Stronghold of Fire. Mountain outpost 49 (Aka SF49) 2210000e
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